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Moakar Motorsport, is an automatic Transmission rebuilding center in Zahle Lebanon, we are specialized in rebuilding your cars automatic transmission to a high quality standard. We provide the finest transmissions in the country. We offer competitive prices and an impressive warranties. If you have any transmission problems do not hesitate to contact us first because we are the only rebuilding center worth talking to.


Just as you would take time to properly maintain your engine and other vital components of your car, your automatic transmission is certainly one component that requires regular checks. It would only take an ongoing oil leak or loose band adjustment to bring your car quickly to a stop requiring an expensive tow not to mention how far from home you are.

We recommends that your automatic transmission is serviced every 12 months. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic transmissions Types
* 3-speed auto
3HP12 - 3HP20 - 3HP22
* 4-speed auto
4HP14  - 4HP18 - 4HP18 - 4HP20 - 4HP22 - 4HP24
* 5-speed auto
5HP18 - 5HP19 - 5HP24 - 5HP30
* 6-speed auto
6HP19 - 6HP21 - 6HP26 - 6HP28 - 6HP32 - 6HP34
CFT23 transverse

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1 series
3 series
5 series
6 series
7 series