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Engine Rebuilding
All Moakar rebuilt engines and cylinder heads are manufactured using only factory OEM replacement parts or better.  Internal parts include new / second hand pistons, Sealed Power piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, timing chain & guide rails or timing belt & tensioner, oil pump, gaskets & seals, freeze plugs, silica bronze valve guides, new rocker arms, camshaft, and valve seats. We stand behind our engines 100 percent. All of our rebuilt engines are manufactured to exact tolerances and specifications.

Upgrade or Tuning
- Doing Engine Swap that follow all safety majors.
- Camshaft upgrading for more power from the engine.
- Lowering / Harder springs for sporty look and better handling.
- Cross drilled or radius grooved brakes to improve stopping power.
- Headers to extract more horse power.
- Performance chips or reprogramming your ECU.

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